7 Habits of the highly effective yogi

As taught by Padma Shakti

1.  Water ritual

Every morning with awareness of the cleansing properties of water take several drinks of water immediately after your first aware breath or before getting out of bed.

2.  7 movements (3 complete breaths for each posture).  Click on the video for a guided practice.

  •      Baddha Konasana
  •     Shoulder Vinyasa
  •     Chakra Vakrasana
  •     Rabbit/Headstand or Headstand Prep
  •     Double Pigeon 
  •     Spinal Twist
  •     Spinal roll to squat

3.  Sit for 5 minutes
Practice naming your breath, more experienced students, emotions run through you.

4.  Tongue scrape

Tongue is an important detoxification organ and also important for your first meal of the day.

5.  Look outside - connect with the Earth and the Sky
Connect with the harmonious balance of nature and seek to live in rhythm with nature.

6.  Addiction (have a plan)
Set the intention to let go of one addiction for a day and have a plan to healthfully fill the space of the addiction.

7.  Live gratefully
Be grateful you have a home, food and gas in your car, everything is a gift!