Join Padma Shakti for the 6 week broadcast series: Introduction to Success as a Yoga Teacher, Practitioner and Leader.  Now enrolling!

Be the leader in your life

Do you find yourself in the dilemma of wanting to lead with your Art and Craft, your purpose but find yourself leading with commerce instead? This is what makes you and me unique and I promise, it is possible to lead with your passion! Consider this invitation to participate in a life transforming experience. The training you will receive is applicable to everyday life, for those of us on the “front lines” of growth through the art of Yoga or any other Eastern Trainings. You see, being a spiritual entrepreneur is different than other business models. With me, you will take your skills to a level that you will be empowered to merge the passion for your training with intelligent business skills that will also become and very important part of your progress in personal evolution.

This truly is your next step and I would like to walk with you as it is my passion to see you grow while having fun, making new connections while building a growth and well-being community that lives for purpose. Entrepreneurial transformation comes first from the DECISION to improve your business, then you must TAKE ACTION with your commitment.

Join me and many others on the journey of merging your spiritual business with the intelligent, deliberate design. These teachings will not be just academic theory. They are a result of experience merged with a wealth of training from great Leaders like Master Teacher Jason Campbell.

Discover the opportunities awaiting you!  Click here to download the Leadership Brochure.