"Private lessons were new to me, never have I taken this type of approach to learning. I am incredibly impressed with the quality and relevant information that you share and teach about asanas and personal guidance. You have been a big help with clear and specific guidelines to work with after a session. I'm glad that I decided to take private lessons and will be happier whenever I can continue. I think the world of you and respect all that you do." ~ Jim B.

"Padma Shakti, thank you so much for all that you have done. Your yoga teachings have given me a new appreciation for the health of my body. My back injury left me to believe that my life was changed forever and that I would never again have an active lifestyle. Your calm, patient, and encouraging instruction fostered a healing environment. In addition, your careful attention to detail during the poses assured me that I was learning yoga in a safe manner. Thanks to you I feel I have a strong yoga foundation that would have taken years of practice to acquire. Most important I have learned that the Yoga teachings don't end when I leave the studio they now are incorporated into my daily life. My back is now healing and the strength, balance and fluidity that I now have benefits me everyday. Thank you for enhancing my life in such a profound and healthy way." ~ Kellie B.

"Working with Padma Shakti privately creates profound changes in my life and in the way I think. Padma Shakti's approach is supportive and cooperative and the personal focus allows me to develop at a rate much more quickly than can occur in a group setting." ~ Liz A.

"I am a 58-year-old woman who has taken private classes with Padma Shakti. As a busy professional and mother, I have found the private classes to be perfect for me, as I have been able to proceed at my own pace in my study of yoga and to advance at a much faster pace than I would have in group classes only. The flexibility in scheduling has also been a factor in my ability and desire to continue in yoga. Another important advantage to private classes is that the private teacher is able to focus on the specific areas in which the student needs practice and can at the same time constantly point out improvement, which is very encouraging to the student. And finally, as a private student, I have benefitted from my teacher's ability to customize my practice to my individual needs. This is especially important for students with physical limitations of any kind and has been very helpful to me, an older student with osteoarthritis. All in all, the private student working with Padma Shakti will find that these sessions offer an excellent return on the investment of time and money." ~ Mary P.

Private Lessons

Padma Shakti and the senior teachers at Rasa Yoga offer many types of personal instruction to fit your needs, including Personal Training, Private Yoga Lessons, and Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching. One-on-one training is tailored to you, which will expedite your learning and your results!

What Padma Shakti's students say...

"The personalized, focused attention on my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual matters that I receive from my teacher, Padma Shakti, in private lessons has accelerated my growth in incredible ways. Her straightforward, honest, God-lead prodding has helped my practice continue progressing. I believe only by disturbing my thoughts and thought patterns, as only a private teacher can, has kept my practice and awareness moving forward and breaking past many obstacles. Thank you, Padma Shakti." ~ Gail W.