The training received through Rasa Yoga School of Yoga and Ayurveda  and Visible Belief Education Foundation  enables students to handle the challenges that come with events like hurricanes, as well as personal transitions like divorce, moving, job changes, etc.   Successfully navigating these challenges requires mastery of emotions and reactions, and allows us to move forward with helping others from a space of calm and service.

During these challenges, our community pulls together to assist those in need.  We continue to hold classes to provide a safe space for students to reconnect with their center and we pull together teams of volunteers to help friends clean up from the aftermath of the storm.

Because of the shift in priorities during this time, studio revenue dips.  It is important that we stay open so we can continue to provide the education and space for our students to learn how to masterfully weather the storm.  

We appreciate your contributions to help us make it through this time.  Your participation in our community is invaluable! ‚Äč