Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do in yoga class?
In addition to the many self development classes we offer at Rasa Yoga, we have morning, evening, and weekend yoga classes. Classes last approximately 45-90 minutes. We spend about 10 minutes learning meditation and relaxation techniques, and other natural methods of maintaining health. Then we have about 45 minutes of class learning and practicing asanas (yoga postures) followed by 10-15 minutes of special complete relaxation and in some classes, meditation.

What do I wear?
You should wear comfortable clothing which might consist of leggings, bike shorts, (closed-leg shorts) or loose pants and close-fitting top. You will practice with bare feet for firm footing.

What are the benefits of yoga?
Some of the benefits you will receive in yoga are: increased strength and range of motion, better stability and balance, more peace in your life, better relationships, a more focused and stable mind, increased emotional health, and more. The benefits of yoga are cumulative and directly proportional to the effort you put in.

Is yoga a religion?
No, yoga is a scientifically proven set of exercises (postures) combined with specific breathing techniques to assist in achieving optimum health. Many physicians recommend yoga to patients to restore, improve, and maintain total health through balancing mind and body.

How often should I attend class?
Attendance at least one time per week is necessary, and 2-3 times is recommended, to properly learn yoga.  Yoga is cumulative and you will benefit in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put in. 

The practice of Yoga provides mental peace and at the same time, a consciousness of one's own body. Certain postures develop suppleness and balance, others strengthen muscles.

The word Yoga means to join or to unite. It is the means by which our mind can be made still, quiet, and free from all distractions.

The body is the house in which the heart and mind are reunited. When we practice Yoga, we try to bring together the light of our heart and the light of our mind to make them one.


Yoga is a comprehensive system that provides benefits to body, mind, and spirit! We offer a variety of classes and training options that will assist you on your path to total happiness and peace of mind. Read on to learn about starting a yoga program, or navigate to our class schedule page. We hope to see you at Rasa Yoga soon!