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Campaign Purpose

The purpose of this campaign is to support you in staying grounded, inspired in your practice, and engaged in your yoga community as we experience the holidays.


How this Workbook Supports You

In this workbook, you'll find general information, helpful reminders and fun activities that support the campaign purpose to your chosen level of mastery.


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Nourishing Your 3 Bodies

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Nourishing your Whole Self by moving your Physical Body

The holidays can have their ups and downs. Would you like to know how to stay centered and grounded?

Your asana practice can help you truly enjoy a season meant for gratitude and presence.

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If you find yourself feeling down, heavy, and withdrawn try a 5-minute practice of moving dynamically through a sequence such as Dancing Warrior (or participate in a Buti yoga class) offering your practice to someone or something outside yourself.

If you are feeling anxious and or unsettled, move through Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch) and Standing Shoulder Vinyasa moving only on an exhale.

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To cultivate calm and being centered, move through Rasa Yoga Sun Salutation with a set intention to sustain peace and love – Inhale/Move, Exhale/Move.

And beyond moving your Physical Body…

How to create a sense of stability in the face of instability.

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Nourishing your Physical Body

Use these practices throughout the holidays to transform what and how you consume.

Mindful Eating Practice:

Gratitude - First pause a moment to bless your meal and acknowledge how it got to you.
Breath - Take one full breath cycle before you eat.
First mindful bite - Notice everything you can about the bite: the smell, the taste, the texture, as well as any emotions or thoughts that arise.
Continuing mindful eating - This usually means eating more slowly than you usually do. Make this your goal, and you can build mindfulness from wherever you are. It’s ok if you forget you can always start again focus on the gains.

Alternatives to consumption that’s not supportive:

Have a plan to add in something nourishing when you find yourself wanting something that is not supportive.
Planning ahead - Booking your classes ahead of time; time block to make getting on your mat a priority.
Staying hydrated - Carrying water with you in a bottle that you love; set a timer to remind you to sip every 30 minutes.
Focusing on self care - Daily abhyanga (self oil massage); just before bed, rub oil on the soles of your feet while blessing your body/silently saying “I Love You”; put on a pair of cozy socks & experience the benefits of the calming massage, boosting immunity and quality sleep.

Example quotes for your refrigerator:

“What is the name of my hunger? But it’s not enough to simply learn the name of one’s hunger. In order to be fed, one must remember the name of the hunger… what I really want is love. What I crave is attention and acceptance. What I long for is creative expression. What I yearn for is a spiritual connection.”

“Only when we are in the here and now can we really get filled up and be nourished by life. Life takes place only in the present. If you are obsessing about yesterday or planning for tomorrow, you will be unable to take in and receive whatever is in front of you that can be nourishing: a smile from a child, a compliment from a friend, the scent of a rose, a favorite tune, a brilliant sunset.”

More quotes like these can be found in:
Eating in the Light of the Moon
~by Anita Johnson

Your breath reflects your subtle/emotional energy and thus can be used to connect to it. Your breath is the bridge between your mental and physical bodies, thus the coherency between your 3 bodies starts with the breath.

Each day of the holiday campaign, pause with one full breath cycle, notice the emotion you are feeling, then color a leaf the color of that emotion (see rasa wheel below). Start with the bottom leaves and work your way up. It’s not about the resulting color of the tree at the end of the campaign, but instead that you’ve connected with your breath (emotional) body every day, creating greater coherency in the process.

Your space, your practice…

The new year is a great time to set a new intention to practice
yoga every day. Setting up a dedicated yoga space will make it easier to meet your goals. Your space can be simple, elaborate or in between. It can be something at your home or even something that you can pack up and take with you on trips. Let’s get started….


Your Space:

Set aside a place in your house with space for your mat
and enough room to stretch your arms out. Pick a place
that will be free from disturbances. This could be a space
in a bedroom, an office space, or perhaps a whole room.
If you’re on the go, you can be just as intentional.

Yoga Mat and Props:

This depends on your practice. You may want a mat,
blocks, strap, blanket, bolsters, and something to sit on while you meditate. Your mat can be rolled up when not
in use.

Your Altar:

Using a small table where you can display items that are special to you helps make your space more sacred. Some items you may wish to place there are candles, mala beads, incense, crystals, inspirational quotes, pictures or statues, or flowers. To take with you on trips, you can create a mobile altar.