with Padma Shakti

Awaken Your Inner Leader Masterclass

Hosted by Padma Shakti, Founder, Rasa Yoga School of Ayurveda Yoga

Get the step-by-step guide to living a Masterful life

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In this FREE Masterclass I'll share:

  • How to align your Body, Breath, and Mind
  • The 5 energetic layers of the body
  • The veils that challenge you on the path to Wisdom
  • How the Rasa Yoga Master's Path program can help you achieve your goals
  • How to enter the Rasa Yoga Master's Path program

This Masterclass is not for you if...

❌  You're satisfied with the status-quo

❌  You're not interested in self-development or self-improvement

❌  You're not willing to try new things

❌  You aren't willing to put in the effort that transformation requires

❌  You prefer fewer, shallower relationships


This Masterclass IS for you if...

✅  You are ready to release the need for suffering in order to learn

✅  You are ready to learn to calm your mind

✅  You want to know more about how to align your body, breath & mind

✅  You want more fulfilling relationships

✅  You are a Leader and want to ensure you are leading responsibly


Namaste! I'm Padma Shakti, I started studying yoga over 30 years ago, driven at first by a desire to fix physical problems and then by the realization that I could be more at peace and have better relationships through studying the philosophy and physical practice of Ayurveda Yoga. 

My soul's desire is to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. I founded Rasa Yoga many years ago to have the opportunity to bring yoga to the general public.

In addition, I have trained Yoga Teachers, through my Master's Path program for over 20 years. Our "Masters in Training" have gone on to live more fulfilling lives, excel in their work, and transform the lives of their own students.

If you are sincere in your desire to deepen your practice of yoga and bring the benefits of yoga to others, I would LOVE the opportunity to work directly with you.