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No matter your experience level, Rasa Yoga has a class for you. Choose your interest from the options below:

General Yoga Classes

I want to feel better physically and mentally

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Advanced Training

I want to deepen my understanding of Ayurveda and Yoga, teach others or gain Continuing Education credits

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Personalized Training

I want private lessons or yoga therapy that is tailored to my needs

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Why Ayurveda Yoga?


At Rasa Yoga, our mission is to create Peace on the Planet.  Learn how Ayurveda Yoga can help us heal our collective pain, create community, and help you reach your personal goals. 

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Sarah D

"I see the importance of a STRONG and CARING community."

Phil C

"My LIFE has changed because of YOGA and it's WONDERFUL!"

Araceli C

"Yoga is my MEDICINE."


Rhon B

"Enrolling in Teacher Training helped me learn more about MYSELF"

Sandra C

"I am now more AWARE of what it is that I say I WANT"

Brian T

"I know that my studies will continue for YEARS to come"

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