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Rasa Yoga, a Yoga Alliance Registered School, offers Yoga education, Yoga classes, educational workshops, and seminars in Yoga & Ayurveda, self-healing, pain management, complementary and alternative health.

Our purpose is to create life-long Yoga education programs to enable personal growth of our students during life's journey and to empower others to embody the teachings of Yoga that restore, improve, and maintain total health by balancing mind, body, and spirit with the environment.

We represent unity in Yoga and believe this is experienced through many different schools of Yoga. The faculty at Rasa Yoga is not selected based on any particular school of Yoga but rather on the level of devotion to personal practice, commitment to personal growth through study, enthusiasm, and living Yoga.


Rasa Yoga exists to actively participate in creating peace on our planet by joining with others to grow an all-inclusive yoga study community, promoting total physical, mental, spiritual health and well being.


Padma Shakti

(Tracie Brace Hatton)

Director of Yoga Studies

Padma Shakti is Founder and Director of Rasa Yoga School of Yoga and Ayurveda, Visible Belief Education Foundation and Bay Area Yoga Collective. Padma holds a firm commitment that Yoga and Ayurveda are on the cutting edge for success and leadership development. Through her ability to effectively assimilate and disseminate the teachings of yoga and ayurveda she enables people to craft a life beyond just getting by, to live a full life thriving and healthy toward the absolute highest quality possible. Padma Shakti is committed to the power of community and seeks to demonstrate that through functional relationships, you strengthen and empower not only yourself, but the whole of humanity. Her ability and clarity to empower others is made possible by her study, training and love of these great beings: Dr. David Hoch, Lex Gillian, Reverend Karen Tudor, Sandra Summerfield-Kozak of International Yoga Studies, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Stephen Phillips and Swami Atma. There are many other masters and teachers to pay homage to as well whether by lineage living now or before. Her current studies and training are influenced mostly by Master Jason Campbell and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.

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  1. We believe there is an intelligent force in our world and in the universe infinitely seeking perfect order. Therefore, we embody the highest vision of the world.
  2. We believe in the intrinsic brilliance of ourselves and all humanity. Therefore, we inspire all beings who enter this space to define, clarify, and align with their highest potential.
  3. We believe that Yoga and Ayurveda are a life training that will lead us to truth. Therefore, practicing as directed by our teacher and this school, we humbly train our bodies and minds, acknowledging them as one.
  4. We believe in the transformative power of conscious choice in our thoughts, movement, and consumption. Therefore, we will learn and teach responsibility in our thoughts, words, and actions, leading to empowered accountability.
  5. We believe what we say matters. Therefore, we deliberately choose our words and conversations to be directed towards our best understanding of truth in any given moment.
  6. We believe the degree of freedom we experience is a direct result of the clarity of our perception. Therefore, we stand for the eradication of limited thinking.
  7. We believe there is plenty of time, money, love, health, knowledge, and opportunity. Therefore, we choose to live Seva, selfless existence: today is for my brothers and sisters, tomorrow is for me.
  8. We believe we need each other. Therefore, we honor and encourage the diverse nature of humanity through our relationships.
  9. We believe there is nothing in our experience to negate. Therefore, we are fiercely deliberate and making distinctions between truth and illusion, embodying wise discernment.
  10. We believe all beings are searching for the experience of their best quality of life. Therefore, we collectively sustain the presence that enables all students to develop to their chosen level of mastery in all areas of life. We acknowledge that ultimate mastery is found through teaching.
  11. We believe anything that goes against the laws of nature consumes itself. Therefore, we agree to understand and act in accordance with the laws of nature, embracing change as the driving force of sustainability.
  12. We believe in the necessity of being held accountable by a Teacher who has our best interest at heart. Therefore, we are called to unwavering reverence and honor towards our teacher. We sanction our teacher as a conduit of knowledge aligned with the highest vision of our world.



The "taste" or essence of any impression; the aesthetic experience in transcendence; the emotional fulfillment of the soul; the nectar of life.


As Emerson says, "what lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." Vira rasa is a commitment to the exploration of the power that lies within us. It is the tending of the sacred flame of life with humility that breeds confidence. Vira is the pilgrim's strength that takes each step up the mountain as a purifying process and embraces challenge with love of living fully. In vinyasa, vira is activated through asanas, pranayama, meditation, and sequences which cultivate embodied concentration, sustaining power through alignment, breath, bandha, awareness (one unconscious step and you fall off the edge), and use of krama (stages) to approach one's potential in strength, flexibility, and inner presence.


Shanti Rasa is a conscious cultivation of inner balance, equilibrium, wisdom, and serenity that is the fruit of living yoga. In the arts, shanti rasa is the culmination of all rasas - the shavasana at the end of an artistic journey. In applying shanti rasa to vinyasa, establishing and maintaining a meditative, even rhythm throughout the practice is key. Frequent reflective pauses through postures such as child's pose, vajrasana, tadasana, and shavasana allow the nervous system to unwind, the fluctuations of the mind to relax, and the internal equilibrium to deepen. Shanti rasa can be applied to all asanas and in life when a relaxed, non-aggressive, or non-adrenalized approach is cultivated. The rhythm of the breath is the greatest reflection of shanti rasa. Even, smooth breath = steady mind. The symbol of a lotus rising from the mud is the timeless yogic symbol of shanti, for peace is not dependent on cloudy or clear water, or external circumstances, but a deep connection to eternal essence within.


Sringara Rasa is the archetypal union of masculine-feminine, sun-moon, active-receptive, stillness-dynamic movement, potent seed-bursting flower, x-y chromosomes, inhale-exhale that is reflected in nature, in the divine couples of Shiva-Shakti, Krisna-Radha, Sita-Ram, and within the layers of our being. In vinyasa, this rasa requires the most skill and personal experience to integrate into teaching (the potential for being corny is high). In our own practice and in life, sringara rasa can be the most satisfying rasa of all as we open to experiencing life in sensual fullness, each breath as an expression of a lover's caress. Sringara rasa follows the musical-dramatic-natural structure of multiple waves of building energy - sustaining - and then finally peaking. This rhythm can be mirrored in the sequencing of a practice towards a culminating backbend, hip opener, or meditation. The key is the bhava - savoring each unfolding breath, sensation, experience. "Burning with longing - fire, my living is composed only of this desire to be in your presence." ~ Rumi. 

Reprinted with special permission by Shiva Rea, 2004.

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