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"The journey to mastering yoga's challenging postures empowers you to move through life's challenges with mastery." - Padma Shakti


This transformative training is tailor-made for YOU!

💜Speak like a pro Transform anxiety and stage fright—learn the secrets to speak confidently, whether you're in a yoga room or a boardroom.

💜 Get strong, flexible, and graceful Transform your body and mind with an awesome blend of fitness that's all about strength and elegance.

💜 Light your inner fire and realize life goals! Discover how to create a vision that moves you out of bed with purpose and passion every morning.

💜Turn anxiety into rocket fuel: Flip fear on its head for major life wins! Learn to use anxiety and uncertainty to drive your personal and professional growth.

💜Crack the code on aging, no matter your years. Explore ancient tricks and uncover lifestyle changes, mindfulness practices, and nutritional strategies that to slow down or reverse the aging process. 

💜Understand the influence of your thoughts and emotions on your overall well-being: Connect your thoughts to your health! Dive deep into the mind-body link and rock your overall well-being with practical tips.

💜Develop charisma and your ability to manifest the life you want: Boost that charisma and manifest your dream life! Unleash your magnetism, attract opportunities, and build authentic connections.

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The Rasa Yoga Process:

Training (Krama) Modules

  • Foundational Practices & Principles - An introduction to Mind/Body Dynamics including insights into meditation and the science of life, Ayurveda.

Value: $706

  • Understanding the Body - Learn the anatomy and physiology of the body and practical application to the art and science of yoga.  You'll never see the body the same way again! 

Value $910

  • Functional Biomechanics - Discover the principles of Sacred Architecture and the energetics of yoga asana (postures). 

Value $910

  • Foundations of Consciousness & Ethics - Gain tools for designing and sequencing a transformative yoga class grounded in the timeless principles of yoga philosophy. 

Value $652

  • Ethics & Professional Development - Access the leader within and learn to lead your own life and empower others through yoga.  You'll receive exclusive teaching methodology tools that will enable you to communicate with clarity and confidence! 

Value $652

  • Integrating Causal, Subtle & Manifest - Practice putting together yoga classes and using the tools you've learned to bring your yoga practice and teaching to life! 

Value $827

  • Yoga in Action - Bring it all together and demonstrate your mastery through practicum teaching.  You'll be guided every step of the way and upon completion you will have the tools necessary to teach in any environment. 

Value $706

3 Months Being Yoga

Padma guides you in integrating yoga philosophy and sadhana (practice) to effectively bring yoga off the mat and into your life

Value $389

4 Months General Tuition

 Unlimited access to in person, live-stream and on demand general yoga classes at world renowned Rasa Yoga School of Ayurveda Yoga, referred to as the "Harvard of Yoga Schools".

Value $426

Success Mentoring 

Accountability mentoring with an experienced teacher that has walked the path and is equipped with the tools to help you along the way! 

Value $390

Livestream Supplemental Classes  

These engaging sessions bring the curriculum within the Krama Modules to life! Rasa Yoga's world renowned training and teaching methodology is offered in a unique hybrid learning format.

Value $1,327





💥NOW $3,200💥

Interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher?
Whether for self-development or to lead classes the Rasa Yoga Method is the only training that will give you the integrated methodology, and leadership resulting in self mastery.


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Bonus Perks of Rasa Yoga TT200 Training

  • Flexible Training: Our comprehensive TT200 program that seamlessly fits into your busy schedule. Enjoy the flexibility to learn and grow at your own pace!
  • Anytime Registration: Start your journey whenever you're ready. Begin your transformative experience with registration available at any time.

  •  Pre-recorded Lectures: Access a wealth of knowledge through pre-recorded lectures, ensuring you have the flexibility to study at your convenience.

  • Live Zoom Classes: Engage in live sessions with our world class Rasa Yoga teachers via Zoom. Benefit from real-time interaction and guidance.

  • 4-Month Unlimited Rasa Yoga Class Access: Enjoy four months of diverse yoga experiences, including livestream, in-person, and on-demand general yoga classes to support your training.

  • 3-Months of Being Yoga Tuition: Integrate yoga philosophy, psychology and asana with Padma's masterful guidance and take yoga off the mat and into your life!
  • Zen Business Coaching: Benefit from Zen Business Coaching by Padma Shakti, a certified Zen Business Coach, to empower your journey as a future yoga instructor.

  • Highly Trained Mentors: Receive personalized guidance from highly trained mentors who will support and navigate you through the entire training process.

  • Upgrade Opportunities: Unlock the chance to elevate your expertise with opportunities to progress to higher-level trainings within our curriculum.

  • Teach Ayurveda Yoga: Embrace the chance to make a meaningful impact by teaching Ayurveda Yoga and transforming lives through holistic wellness.

  • Active Community Engagement: Join an active and supportive community, fostering connections and providing opportunities to practice and grow together in a nurturing environment.

Hear from Dr. Araceli Casso, M.D.

Learn about the Rasa Yoga TT200 program offering an effective blend of hybrid and livestream training!


Yoga Alliance Certification

Students completing Rasa Yoga’s TT200 Program can graduate with a 200-hour teacher training certification in as few as 4 months and fulfill the requirements to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200.

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Meet the Founder

Padma Shakti (Tracie Brace Hatton) is Founder and Director of Rasa Yoga School of Yoga and Ayurveda, Visible Belief Education Foundation and Bay Area Yoga Collective.

Padma holds a firm commitment that Yoga and Ayurveda are on the cutting edge for success and leadership development. Through her ability to effectively assimilate and disseminate the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda she enables people to craft a life beyond just getting by, to live a full life - thriving and healthy - toward the absolute highest quality possible.

Padma Shakti is committed to the power of community and seeks to demonstrate that through functional relationships, you strengthen and empower not only yourself, but the whole of humanity.

Her ability and clarity to empower others is made possible by her study, training and love of these great beings: Dr. David Hoch, Lex Gillian, Reverend Karen Tudor, Sandra Summerfield-Kozak of International Yoga Studies, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Stephen Phillips and Swami Atma.

There are many other masters and teachers to pay homage to as well, whether by lineage living now or before.

Padma's current studies and training are influenced primarily by Master Jason Campbell, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

Yoga Alliance RYS 200

Rasa Yoga offers programs to train Yoga teachers meeting and exceeding standards for 200-hour programs.

Yoga Alliance RYS 300

Once you have your RYT-200, Rasa Yoga offers higher education programs for teachers to reach RYT-500 certification.

Continuing Education Provider

Rasa Yoga Faculty are Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers.

Internationally Recognized

Rasa Yoga's Cikitsa Program is one of 70 worldwide accredited to train Yoga Therapists.  A 200 Hour Training such as TT200 is the first step to becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT).