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I'm Ready to Rock! Click for 30 Days of Yoga for $60

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"The 10am Rasa Foundation Class, taught by Gracie on Mondays, has been extremely valuable to me in my pursuit to both learn and benefit from Yoga. The theory she teaches as well as the focus on proper technique has been of immeasurable benefit to me. Knowing how to properly perform a pose and why it is performed that way highlights the value of Yoga and the positive effects that it has on both your body and mind. The hour I spend in class with Gracie has been well worth the time." - Heather B.


"Well, thanks again. I so appreciate and applaud you doing your part to grow the yoga community. Big Hug." - Denise N.

Sarah D

"I see the importance of a STRONG and CARING community."

Phil C

"My LIFE has changed because of YOGA and it's WONDERFUL!"

Araceli C

 "Yoga is my MEDICINE."


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