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Exploring Rasa Yoga: Understanding the Mastery of Emotion and Willpower

emotions mastery willpower Feb 07, 2024

Emotions are a fundamental aspect of the human experience, serving as a potent force that drives our willpower. Rasa Yoga, an ancient practice applicable to the modern world, delves deep into the concept of mastering emotions and harnessing their power. This mastery, often linked with the development of emotional intelligence, unfolds a path toward a life thriving with authenticity, love, and support.

Dealing with emotions varies as widely as the families that shape them, ranging from suppression to becoming overwhelmed, immersed, and often overpowered by the force of emotion. Each thought aligns with the emotion or rasa. The Rasa Yoga psychology term vasana describes a mix of emotion colored by a tendency of thought paired with actions or patterns of behavior.

Emotions are often likened to "energy in motion," each thought giving rise to corresponding emotions or "rasas."

Unchecked processing of thought by an untrained mind leads to a general lack of awareness of emotional tone, allowing emotions/rasas to exert unbridled power over our lives, often resulting in overwhelm, frustration, and fear, disrupting the autonomic fight or flight response and leading to a sense of separation. Conversely, achieving pristine clarity of ongoing feeling tone allows conscious direction of willpower towards beneficial, useful, and creative experiences.

However, the practice of Rasa Yoga offers a more profound understanding of emotions and their role in shaping our lives. It emphasizes the importance of achieving pristine clarity over our ongoing emotional tone, thereby enabling us to consciously direct our willpower towards beneficial, useful, and creative experiences without succumbing to mere suppression or indulgence.

Rasa, is both an Ayurvedic and Yogic term, refers to taste, flavor, and the fundamental fluids that constitute the human body and emotion. Through the study and practice of Rasa Yoga, mastery over physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, and coherent thought is sought, with the ultimate goal being a life that thrives on authenticity, love, and support. Living as a "Rasika," one who passionately engages with life in its deepest sense, is a testament to the profound connections and relationships filled with love and authenticity.

True intimacy and connection, devoid of judgment, dissolve the taste for prejudice and separation. Instead, a desire for love, joy, and peace emerges, epitomizing the profound depth found in authentic human connections. Thus, Rasa Yoga offers not just a way to understand and master emotions but also a path to forging meaningful, transformative connections with ourselves and others.

This advanced technology of Rasa Yoga is a privilege and a joy for every individual, offering the opportunity to be a part of the miraculous and the mystical, shaping lives and the world itself through the conscious channeling and direction of our willpower.

With Rasa Yoga, one embarks on a journey of self-discovery, emotional mastery, and the cultivation of meaningful connections, paving the way for a life experienced with depth, authenticity, and love.

Love, Padma