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Transform Life; Courage and Responsibility

choices empowered living transformation Dec 05, 2023

Life is a sequence of choices, each one shaping the fabric of our existence. Even the decision not to choose, living in indecision, or feeling torn by conflicting desires significantly impacts our lives. Are we thriving with passion, or are we burdened by the weight of unresolved thoughts, attachments, or resistance?

Many students frequently express the notion that they don't have enough "time" to make the choices they desire, as if some external force dictates their "time." This translates to a feeling of powerlessness over their lives and the outcomes they encounter.

I present from me, Padma,  "Padma Peace" with a profound awareness of its provocative nature to many and a cautious tread, praying that it is received in the spirit it is intended: to empower individuals away from a victim mindset and towards a courageous, resilient mindset.  I share this as we close 2023 and begin the New Year and as such it is important we take stock and make clear choices based in reality and this is why I LOVE the Best Self Challenge;  Meeting Your Highest Self!

Feedback often includes statements such as, "they took something away from me," or "I lost my job, it was taken from me," or the common one, "I can't do yoga because of this physical issue or lack of time." These sentiments vividly depict a sense of victimhood to circumstances. While we may not have absolute conscious control over everything in our lives, we do have a choice in how we think, speak, and act. Each of us has a unique purpose in life, and being a victim of circumstances does not align with that purpose.

We possess everything we need when we are in harmony with our purpose. However, the challenge arises when people make choices that diverge from what fulfills their purpose. It is never the best choice to sacrifice one's health, personal growth, or peace of mind for activities like driving children to sports practices or working for large organizations. These actions often lead to a loss of security, which is a clear signal that there's a different path to follow. It's essential to recognize this and understand that change is inevitable.

I understand the feelings of fear, pain, and overwhelm. However, just because we experience these emotions doesn't mean that something was wrongfully taken from us. It simply signifies that there is a new direction to explore, and the greatest truth is that everything will always change.

Living in alignment with our life's purpose leads to appropriate success and harmonious outcomes. How we navigate change is up to us. If we are preoccupied with mindless tasks that prevent us from making helpful choices, we are not approaching life in the most constructive manner.

Often, choices are driven by immediate gratification and the avoidance of conflict - the path of least resistance. Making helpful choices provides ample time to fulfill our responsibilities and be of service to others. Conversely, making choices based on immediate pleasure can lead to living by default.

Choosing the "helpful" over the "pleasant" leads to personal growth and wisdom, empowering us to be of greater service to those around us. The cycle of imbalance perpetuated by the pursuit of immediate pleasure can be broken through a conscious shift towards helpful choices.

Let's commit to fortifying our resolve to live the highest quality of life possible. Together, let's strive to define, rejuvenate, and fulfill our individual purposes, transcending any obstacles or resistance that stand in our way. It's not about how many times we've made commitments in the past; it's about renewing that commitment in the present moment and breathing new life into our lives and our global community.

Love, Padmaji
Toward The One!