It has been said it takes 10,000 hours to master something.  Looking to master yoga and teach others?  You will obtain your yoga teacher certification in this program.  Its main goal and intention is leadership development, personal mastery and learning to thrive in life.  adding in something as Yoga as a profession.

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Formal Master's Path Training Paths:

Designed for a student who feels a deep desire to progress through the levels of Warrior, Scholar, and Sage, Rasa Yoga's Master's Path is a comprehensive training program that guides you on your path to your goals.  When you embark on your path of Mastery, you define your goals and the teachers and mentors at Rasa Yoga hold you accountable to those goals.  

You choose the level of Mastery that is right for you.  We have many options:

While not a formal Master's Path program, we offer the Rasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 (RY TT200) program for students interested in the fastest path to Yoga Alliance certification.  Please see more details on our RY TT200 page to learn more!

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With training as a Yoga Teacher, you will gain skills that enable you to reduce suffering in yourself and others throughout your entire life.  From young student through middle age, to wise elder, find purpose and fulfillment as a student and teacher at any age.

Rasa Yoga Training 

Our unique approach to Teaching Methodology empowers you with the skills to feel comfortable teaching one or 100 students, with a variety of experience levels, in a variety of settings.  

“There must come a new renaissance reaching much deeper than the one which led us out of the middle ages, a great renaissance when humanity will find that ethical values are the highest truth and the most useful value. This will liberate the human race from the senseless reality in which it is now vegetating.”

– Albert Schweitzer